Jetinno coffee machines

The Jetinno coffee machines are devices that will work great inside office buildings, schools or hospitals. They provide an effective way of increase in the sales of hot beverages.

Jetinno model JL500

Jetinno model JL500 is a stand-alone coffee machine with a sublime design and unique features. It’s a perfect solution for increasing sales of coffee and other drinks. Places such as universities, hospitals, offices and even swimming pool lobbies are crowded with people in need of a quick energy boost. In such moments, the readily available coffee machine might be the only right answer.

Why is it worth it?

The Jetinno beverage vending machines have 27-inch touch screens which facilitates the use of the machine. You are only a few taps away from getting the chosen products. At the same time, we know that customers don’t always have cash or a debit card on them. That is why we prepared a comprehensive solution. The full suport of the MDB protocol enables connecting a cashless terminal, a coin acceptor and a banknote acceptor. It is also noteworthy that the coffee machine is equipped with a proffessional Swiss DITTING EMH64 coffee grinder. It guarantees flawless grinding of over 750 000 coffee servings! Such quality allows to minimise the need for device repairs. The machines have also a coffee beans supply depletion sensor, which allows for a fast refilling action.

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