The Vendim telemetry modem and outdoor vending machines

In the case of outdoor vending machines, The Vendim telemetry modems are installed in any type of machines, allowing information to be sent through the GSM network to the Vendim software.

How does a Vendim telemetry modem works?

The downloaded data are automatically processed and displayed in Vendim Mobile (a mobile app for service technicians) and Vendim Dashboard (a web app for management), DEX and DDCMP (EVADTS statistics).

Easy maintenance

The vending machines network operator gets the information on the current state of the machines, sales and demand. On their part, service technicians can prepare only the products he knows need to be restocked, prior to dispatching to the machines’ respective locations. It limits the number of required visits, which effectively decreases the costs related with restocking of outdoor machines. At the same time a service technician can run EVA-DTS statistics download directly to the mobile app, ensuring the most up-to-date stock information.


We also offer the help of an experienced technical team who deals with outdoor machines installation. In case of any question contact us and we will explain any device-related matters that seem unclear.