Vending machine – one purchase, numerous benefits

A vending machine is a solution for those, who want to increase their profit by use of modern technology. One such purchase will improve your profit, company image and convenience.

Benefits of vending machines

When you begin cooperating with us, you will get access to all the benefits provided by a professional vending machine. Thanks to our products, you will quickly and effectively optimise your sales costs and obtain additional revenue. This is due to the fact that our machines have a positive impact on company image and provide additional marketing possibilities. 

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Additionally, a vending machine provides:
• sale confirmation in vending machines in the form of receipts and invoices,
• unattended sale which does not require any continuous personnel engagement
• full remote oversight,
• easy operation,
• full warehouse management,
• remote management of the machine’s configuration.

Impact on marketing

Our devices are not just autonomous stores, as they are also an innovative form of company promotion. They enable to present your brand as modern, which will further attract customers!

That is why, by buying our vending machine, you can expect:
• positive image and substantial interest among customers,
• a touch screen providing a detailed presentation of products and marketing
• single or multilingual user interface with a help guide,
• video advertisements on a 55″ UHD or 15,6″ UHD screen screen,
• remote marketing content management,
• a unique channel of communication with the customer and promotion of new products.

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A new sales channel

The modern unattended stores will equip your company with an aesthetic and useful sales channel with an additional possibility of brand promotion. A device can be installed anywhere without taking up much room. It provides a 24/7 direct access to products. If needed, e-receipts or e-invoices can be independently generated as a form of confirmation of purchase in the vending machine.

Other advantages of these devices are:

• shopping carts with discounts for multiple purchases,
• remote setting of sale prices / discounts / rebates,
• management of purchases, sales, service visists,
• flexible payment methods suited for individual needs (cash / cashless / mobile).


First installation can be carried out by a fee by Vendim employees.

We offer configuration prior to transporting the machine to the destination point, as well as carry out a systems testing procedure at the technical department of our company’ headquarters, before dispatching of the machine.

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