Autonomous Self-service Store

Autonomous Self-service Stores – speed, capacity, innovation

Our autonomous self-service stores come in three different sizes. Each one is equipped with a state-of-the-art elevator made for fast product fetching, while the modern software makes for intuitive and effortless use.

BangMartOwoce3 - Autonomous Self-service Store

Three machine sizes

Our vending machines are available in three sizes:

M1 - Autonomous Self-service Store
Module 1

1,6 m x 1,2 m 350 kg

M2 - Autonomous Self-service Store
Module 2

2,3 m x 1,2 m 554 kg

M3 - Autonomous Self-service Store
Module 3

3,4 m x 1,2 m 826 kg

In each case the autonomous self-service stores have one control module. The whole set has the capacity of up to a few thousands of products. The width and height of the shelves can be freely configured, making the machine fit a specific spot just right.

m5 - Autonomous Self-service Store

Fast product fetching

We’ve equipped the vending machines with specialised conveyor belts that move the product toward the elevator. This enables even the most fragile goods to be delivered safely (regardless of size). The machine also provides:

The purchase can be picked up right below the touch screen, where the customer is standing

fetching products optimisation by choosing the shortest route with the highest possible acceleration accross the module
product grouping and fetching a few at a time to minimise the number of delivery courses when the order is bigger than the elevator can take in one course


Innovative elevator

m2 - Autonomous Self-service Store