On the account of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken special steps to adapt our machines to provide for the need for disinfectants, gloves and face masks.

The choice of the right mask vending machine model depends on your requirements, especially on:


the type of packaging used for the products sold

  • small, one-time use packaging
  • bundle packaging
  • promotional 2+1 type packaging

the amount of detail about the products presented on the touch screen

  • pictures
  • products designation
  • detailed description
arrow resize diagonal - MASK VENDING MACHINE

machine capacity requirements


payment systems

  • coins changegiver
  • debit card
  • BLIK code
  • employee cards
  • one-time codes (eg. promotional codes given to clients after purchase).

At the moment we are offering a selection of adapted vending machines :


Maseczkomat wizualizacja2 bez tła - MASK VENDING MACHINE

The Vendim 11 Pro snack machines have the capacity of up to 990 products. It is enough for even the busiest areas. Moreover, the products are presented clearly thanks to the use of modern LED lights and a large glass rimmed with a slim aluminium frame. The machine has enough room to house any payment system.

selected V11 icon - MASK VENDING MACHINE


Maseczkomat wizualizacja3 V10 683x1024 - MASK VENDING MACHINE

If you are looking for a vending machine suitable for any sort of environment, pick the Vendim 10. Its 7-inch touch screen, together with the Vendim Shop software, makes for a seamless experience that can be mastered even by customers who have never dealt with such devices. Its capacity of up to 900 products allows for offering a wide variety of goods. At the same time it limits the need for frequent machine restocking. The frame of the machine is designed such that the customer can easily see all the products.

selected V10 icon - MASK VENDING MACHINE


Maseczkomat wizualizacja V10s 683x1024 - MASK VENDING MACHINE

The Vendim 10s vending machine ships with the features found in the V10. What makes it different, however, is that it is lighter and slimmer, and that it can house only cashless payment systems.

selected V10s icon - MASK VENDING MACHINE

Self-Service Shop

zdjęcie 3 scaled e1587547595782 683x1024 - MASK VENDING MACHINE

Our self-service shops open new possibilities thanks to their modular build, panoramic presentation of products and sleek software. The state-of-the-art dynamic lift speeds across the shelves in two axes and allows for buying a few products at the same time.

Bangmart icon 1024x432 - MASK VENDING MACHINE

Thanks to the use of touch screens anyone will find it easy to navigate across featured and new products.

VendimShopWyborProduktuPromocja - MASK VENDING MACHINE
Sample promotion
VendimShopWyborProduktu - MASK VENDING MACHINE
Sample product details view
VendimShopPlatnoscKarta - MASK VENDING MACHINE
Payment by card
VendimShopPlatnoscBlikiem - MASK VENDING MACHINE
BLIK code payment
VendimShopPlatnoscMonetami - MASK VENDING MACHINE
Coins payment
VendimShopDziekujemyZaZakupy - MASK VENDING MACHINE
Product pickup

In order to prepare an offer tailored to fit your needs, please contact us by phone (+48 537 474 097) or write us an e-mail at (