Vendim 10s Machine

The Vendim 10s vending machine ships with the features found in the V10. What makes it different, however, is that it is lighter and slimmer, and that it can house only cashless payment systems.

Maseczkomat wizualizacja V10s 1 683x1024 - Vendim 10s Machine

Main features

Intuitive HD 7-inch touch screen displaying the Vendim Shop software
TRANSPORTING SPIRAL COILS enable joining and adjustment of width to fit any product
1 slot for installing the payment system
Large display area
One machine can fit 60 different product choices with the total capacity of 1,440 products
Solid, reinforced steel shelves designed to carry considerable weight
Flexible shelf height configuration by a total of 1cm allows for the optimal shelf position
Metal partition above the pickup compartment blocks the access to the products inside
Pickup compartment equipped with wide-angle infra-red sensors which ensure correct product release
Energy-efficient LED lights
highly efficient insulation and the Embraco (R134A) compressor maintain the optimal temperature of the machine’s interior within the range of 5°C – 24°C with minimal power consumption
designated holes at the base of the machine enable fixing it to an anchoring system, preventing anyone from moving or tilting the vending machine

Optional Features

link - Vendim 10s Machine

connection with V10 Slave machines and locker slave-type machines

wifi router 1 - Vendim 10s Machine

WiFi / GSM module

eye - Vendim 10s Machine


bell - Vendim 10s Machine

anti-burglar (online / offline)

Technical Details

The main technical details of our snack vending machines are the following:

• maximum number of possible product choices: 60 (spiral coils),

• capacity: up to 1140 produktów,

• temperature: between 4°C and 25°C,

• dimensions: 1945 mm (height) x 882 mm (depth) x 790 mm (width),

• weight: 195 kg,

• power supply: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 HZ.